Charlton and Cribbs Conservatives Launch Campaign For 2019 Local Elections

Charlton and Cribbs Conservatives have launched their campaign for the Local Elections next May with a promise to ensure the new and growing community is a welcoming place for all residents.

The brand new ward in South Gloucestershire, which is made up of the Charlton Hayes and Cribbs Causeway areas from the existing Patchway and Almondsbury wards, will be represented next year on the Council by three seats, with the Conservative Group putting forward a team offering fresh voices and a strong mix of experience and enthusiasm, a stark contrast to the tired and complacent Labour representation in the area.

Sanjay Shambhu, Jo Buddharaju and current South Gloucestershire Cllr Brian Hopkinson, who currently represents Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge, launched their election campaign on Saturday, November 3 with the support of dozens from the community as well as Leader of South Gloucestershire Council Cllr Toby Savage, Filton and Bradley Stoke MP Jack Lopresti and West of England Regional Mayor Tim Bowles.

Following the launch event, the group demonstrated their commitment to the community by clearing up the streets in what is planned to be a regular village clean-up, filling more than a dozen bin liners.

Sanjay Shambhu said: “The Charlton and Cribbs area is very much in its infancy, and with the existing area soon to include hundreds more homes, it is very important to us to promote and create an inclusive community that is welcoming to all.

“Having so many here on Day One is a great start, but our objective going forward is to see all our residents keen to take part.”

Jo Buddharaju said: “We have a fantastic team and lots of support ahead of next May but we would be very keen to see more. This is why it is so important to us that residents feel happy to come to us with their issues and concerns.

“With the backing of our Council’s leader, our MP and our Regional Mayor, we believe we are best situated to get things done for our residents, unlike the Labour-run Patchway Town Council which has repeatedly demonstrated it is incapable of managing its finances and serving its residents well.”

Cllr Brian Hopkinson said: “The introduction of new wards such as Charlton and Cribbs offers a unique opportunity to help foster a new community and promote local democracy and I hope to use my past experience to the benefit of residents as well as to support my fellow candidates.

“Having previously founded a Parish Council for Stoke Lodge and the Common, I see great potential in doing the same for the people of Charlton Hayes, offering them a sense of independence.” 

Leader of South Gloucestershire Council Cllr Toby Savage said: “I am pleased to have such a devoted team of fresh voices representing the new Charlton and Cribbs ward in next year’s election, compared to a tired local Labour Party, and look forward to working with them, both in the run up to May and beyond. 

“It is important to focus on these new communities just as much as the established, well populated areas so we can continue to see South Gloucestershire grow as a whole into a place people want to live and work.”

Filton and Bradley Stoke MP Jack Lopresti said: “It has been a fantastic turnout for the campaign launch and having worked with Sanjay, Jo and Brian in the past on a range of issues, I know they are the team that can take Charlton Hayes and Cribbs Causeway forward.

“I wish them luck for the campaign and look forward to seeing what they can achieve on behalf of their residents.”
West of England Regional Mayor Tim Bowles said: “It was a pleasure to be part of the launch of this important campaign. It is great to be involved and to see the work that Sanjay, Jo and Brian are doing and I’m looking forward to joining them again soon.

“The area is a key new development for the region and as it grows it is reassuring to know that there is a committed Conservative team already working hard for the residents.”