Street Bins for Charlton Hayes Announced

Sanjay Shambhu and Cllr. Brian Hopkinson with SGC Leader Toby Savage and Bovis representative.

Today Charlton & Cribbs Conservative campaigners Sanjay Shambhu and Cllr. Brian Hopkinson joined a meeting with Bovis, South Gloucestershire Council officers and SGC leader Toby Savage. The meeting was called to mitigate concerns raised by Sanjay Shambhu about lack of street bins and resultant effect on street cleanliness.

South Gloucestershire Council street care officers presented a proposal to install street bins at 12 points across Charlton Hayes. Bovis team suggested to install temporary street bins as per the proposed plan, subject to accessibility review. These bins will be replaced with permanent bins when roads are adopted by the Council. The proposed location for street bins can be found in the map here.

Sanjay Shambhu, who also leads a team of local volunteers for regular street cleansing said, “I am very pleased with the announcement to install street bins, as months of campaigning with South Gloucestershire Council and Bovis has finally ended in clear direction to improve the situation. This is a win for everyone in Charlton Hayes.”

Jo Buddharaju said, “Installation of street bins would definitely reduce littler levels in Charlton Hayes. However, the issue of litter picker appointment for Charlton Hayes still remains open. We will continue to campaign for extending litter pickers services to our area.”

Cllr. Brian Hopkinson said, “Residents in Charlton Hayes pay same amount of Parish Council Tax to Patchway Town Council as other areas. However, labour held Patchway Town Council have consistently neglected Charlton Hayes by not offering a littler picker in the area. It should be noted that there is a littler picker for all other areas duly paid for by the tax percepts. This must change.”

Charlton & Cribbs team support a ‘Bigger and Better’ SORT-IT Centre in North Fringe

Charlton & Cribbs team support a ‘Bigger and Better’ SORT-IT Centre in North Fringe.

Charlton & Cribbs Conservative campaigners Sanjay Shambhu, Brian Hopkinson and Jo Buddharaju are advocating to further boost South Gloucestershire’s sterling reputation for recycling with the pledge to provide a brand new recycling centre that would be able to provide a better service to a larger number of residents and deal with an expanded range of materials.

Sanjay Shambhu, Chair,  Charlton & Cribbs Conservatives said: “I fully support a brand new recycling centre. It would ensure that residential developments in Charlton Hayes, Filton Airfield, Cribbs Causeway and Patchway have capacity and best recycling technology to serve our residents and maintain our recycling leadership nationally. “

The proposal to find an alternative site in the “North Fringe” to the existing site in Little Stoke is a key pledge for the Conservative Group’s campaign ahead of the Local Elections on May 2, with a promise to further their work to dramatically improve recycling standards which, under their watch, have already surpassed international targets.

Jo Buddharaju said: ‘I am delighted with the prospect and wholeheartedly support the proposal as it helps everyone in our community.’

South Gloucestershire Council is currently searching for potential alternative sites within easy reach of residents living in communities such as Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Charlton Hayes and Patchway – a site which would complement the existing recycling facilities Thornbury, Yate and Mangotsfield.

Cllr. Brian Hopkinson said: ‘This is a true example of planning ahead and looking after environment with residents at heart. Street litter is a real problem in parts of Charlton Hayes, Patchway has a litter picker which does not come into Charlton Hayes even though our residents pay taxes to them. We need to ensure the facilities are made better and until such time as all litter is picked up by your Town Council we will continue with our voluntary clean ups.’

Under the previous Lib Dem and Labour coalition on South Gloucestershire Council, recycling levels slumped, with residents being forced to pay a charge for their green bins.

But since the Conservatives came in to power in 2015, the charge has been cut both in real terms and money terms, and weekly recycling collections have been introduced, with thousands of tonnes of additional recycling escaping the clutches of landfill sites, pushing recycling to an all-time high. The introduction of smaller black bins has also resulted in a drastic decline in waste collected.

Please do write us to join our campaign to make Charlton & Cribbs a better place to live.

Charlton Hayes Residents Raise Serious Concern over Unsafe Roundabout

Charlton Hayes residents raised serious concerns about the unsafe roundabout on Wood Street and Charlton Boulevard junction. Local resident Sanjay Shambhu have written a letter to Bovis CEO Greg Fitzgerald raising his concern for safety of residents.

Sanjay Shambhu said,  “Today, I wrote to Greg requesting his attention towards this urgent matter, which pertains to serious safety concerns for local residents here. The Wood Street and Charlton Boulevard junction, which was opened about six months ago is planned to be a mini roundabout. However, currently there are no roundabout markings and signage, which confuses motorists from all directions and it is dubbed to be an accident-in-waiting. Several residents have expressed their resentment towards delay of this particular roundabout development.”

A map of the affected roundabout..

Picture of the roundabout considered unsafe by local residents.

Residents urged Bovis team to urgently look into the concern and complete the roundabout at the earliest. This would significantly reduce risk exposure and improve Bovis long-held commitment towards duty of care.

A copy of the letter sent to Bovis can be found here .