Charlton Hayes Residents Raise Serious Concern over Unsafe Roundabout

Charlton Hayes residents raised serious concerns about the unsafe roundabout on Wood Street and Charlton Boulevard junction. Local resident Sanjay Shambhu have written a letter to Bovis CEO Greg Fitzgerald raising his concern for safety of residents.

Sanjay Shambhu said,  “Today, I wrote to Greg requesting his attention towards this urgent matter, which pertains to serious safety concerns for local residents here. The Wood Street and Charlton Boulevard junction, which was opened about six months ago is planned to be a mini roundabout. However, currently there are no roundabout markings and signage, which confuses motorists from all directions and it is dubbed to be an accident-in-waiting. Several residents have expressed their resentment towards delay of this particular roundabout development.”

A map of the affected roundabout..
Picture of the roundabout considered unsafe by local residents.

Residents urged Bovis team to urgently look into the concern and complete the roundabout at the earliest. This would significantly reduce risk exposure and improve Bovis long-held commitment towards duty of care.

A copy of the letter sent to Bovis can be found here .