Street Bins for Charlton Hayes Announced

Sanjay Shambhu and Cllr. Brian Hopkinson with SGC Leader Toby Savage and Bovis representative.

Today Charlton & Cribbs Conservative campaigners Sanjay Shambhu and Cllr. Brian Hopkinson joined a meeting with Bovis, South Gloucestershire Council officers and SGC leader Toby Savage. The meeting was called to mitigate concerns raised by Sanjay Shambhu about lack of street bins and resultant effect on street cleanliness.

South Gloucestershire Council street care officers presented a proposal to install street bins at 12 points across Charlton Hayes. Bovis team suggested to install temporary street bins as per the proposed plan, subject to accessibility review. These bins will be replaced with permanent bins when roads are adopted by the Council. The proposed location for street bins can be found in the map here.

Sanjay Shambhu, who also leads a team of local volunteers for regular street cleansing said, “I am very pleased with the announcement to install street bins, as months of campaigning with South Gloucestershire Council and Bovis has finally ended in clear direction to improve the situation. This is a win for everyone in Charlton Hayes.”

Jo Buddharaju said, “Installation of street bins would definitely reduce littler levels in Charlton Hayes. However, the issue of litter picker appointment for Charlton Hayes still remains open. We will continue to campaign for extending litter pickers services to our area.”

Cllr. Brian Hopkinson said, “Residents in Charlton Hayes pay same amount of Parish Council Tax to Patchway Town Council as other areas. However, labour held Patchway Town Council have consistently neglected Charlton Hayes by not offering a littler picker in the area. It should be noted that there is a littler picker for all other areas duly paid for by the tax percepts. This must change.”