Conservatives Team Call for Positive Change in Patchway & Charlton Hayes


Patchway & Charlton Hayes Labour are incompetent and deemed susceptible to corruption:

April 30, 2019, Bristol Post reported that Labour run Patchway Town Council is under investigation for financial discrepancies and accusations that grounds staff did private gardening while on Council time. The Bristol Post article can be accessed at:

At the time of internal audit review, allegations were made to South Gloucestershire Council Internal Audit Services by Members of the Town Council that the Town Council’s Grounds Staff were undertaking work for other organisations (including some current Labour Cllrs and retired ones) plus other private gardening while on Town Council time.  Source:

The Patchway Town Council Audit report for 2017/2018 provides further evidence that Labour led Patchway Town Council is incompetent to manage even basic finances. For example, the Council didn’t claim VAT amounting to £32,726.69 (source: page 16 section 1.9 of the audit report, URL:

Labour chair of the Patchway Council resigned amid claims of irregularities:We were informed that the accounts had been signed off by the Chair of the Labour Run Council while still incorrect and initially published on the Town Council’s website. The version signed by the Chair was removed from the website prior to this audit; (Cllr Eve Orpen subsequently resigned her position as Chair of Patchway Town Council and from her role as one of the District Cllrs for Patchway. However, mainly the same team is again standing for the Patchway Town Council as well as for District Council. This is a wake call for all residents that Labour team has no respect for clean and corruption free governance in Patchway. 

Your Conservatives Councillors John Butler, Patsy Coleman, Ken Dando, Roger Loveridge and Ros Messenger’s persistence have made certain that this full audit was undertaken. The money your Council collects needs to be fair and well spent delivering value for money. The only way this will be done by voting a Conservative team with a positive plan for Patchway.  Your precept is sky high £169.40 for a D rated home overall collecting from you £ £624,170. Nearby Conservative Controlled Stoke Gifford only charges £73.25 per D rated home and offer better services.) 

Charlton Hayes and Patchway Conservatives team are ready to bring positive changes to local town council.

The Patchway & Charlton Hayes Conservatives team (Jon Butler, Patsy Coleman, Ken Dando, Roger Loveridge, Sanjay Shambhu, Ros Messenger, Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson, Prasana Ramarathnam, Siva Bandlamudi, Ramana Varangi, Eliana Barbosa, Anil Mishra, Ed Rose and Tom Aditya) is committed to make our area a better place to live and ensure good governance in Patchway Town Council. Please VOTE for your CONSERVTAIVE team on May 2nd, 2019 Local Election.

Our positive plan for Charlton Hayes, Patchway & Cribbs Causeway

Today the Charlton and Cribbs Conservatives team announced their positive plan for Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs Causeway.

Click here to read our positive plan.

Some of the main pledges for Patchway area:

  1. A Review of the Highwood Road closure
  2. Corruption free Patchway Town Council
  3. A solution to parking issues in Patchway
  4. Delivery of a new Community Centre in Patchway
  5. Delivery of new sports facilities in Scotts Park 

Key pledges for Charlton Hayes:

  1. Keep Charlton Boulevard open 
  2. Provide a GP surgery for Charlton Hayes, to ensure health services keep pace with the new housing
  3. Extend Patchway Town Council Litter Picker service to Charlton Hayes
  4. Bring forward early adoption of roads and street lights by South Gloucestershire Council.

Excerpts from Cribbs Causeway pledges:

  1. Prevent rat-running on Passage Road
  2. Road resurfacing across Cribbs Causeway
  3. Pelican crossing on A4018 for bus users in Cribbs Causeway
  4. Signal review on Lysander Road
  5. Improved Street Care services and timely bin collection.

Passage Road Residents Win Rat Running Petition

South Gloucestershire Council have positively responded to the petition raised by local Conservatives candidate Sanjay Shambhu to prevent rat-running of Passage Road in Cribbs Causeway. Investigation on access/egress options due to rat running is now part of the official LOCAL TRANSPORT PRIORITY LIST ‐ INVESTIGATION SCHEMES FOR 2019/2020 of South Gloucestershire Council.

Sanjay Shambhu, lead petitioner and local Conservatives candidate

Sanjay said, ” I am delighted with the announcement that South Gloucestershire Council, under Conservatives leadership, have heard our concerns and included it on their priority list. On behalf of all concerned, including the 42 residents who signed the petition, I am pleased to welcome the news. We are on the right path to achieve this for residents in Passage Road, Hazel Brook Gardens and The Close.”

The petition, which is signed by over three dozen residents, can be viewed on the South Gloucestershire website:

Brian Hopkinson, co-petitioner and local Conservatives candidate

Brian Hopkinson, co-petitioner and local Conservatives candidate added:

“Its a pleasure to work with a Council that listens to residents’ concerns. I am equally delighted to welcome the news.”