‘Keep Charlton Boulevard Open’ campaign wins funding boost


Local Conservatives in Charlton Hayes are welcoming funding to accelerate a review of unwanted plans for a ‘Bus Gate’ in the new community.

Charlton and Cribbs Councillors Brian Hopkinson, Jo Buddharaju and Sanjay Shambhu with Leader of South Gloucestershire Council Cllr Toby Savage

This is the latest success in the campaign led by Cllrs Sanjay Shambhu, Jo Buddharaju and Brian Hopkinson to change existing plans which would close off Charlton Boulevard to cars, part of the planning permission for the development. 
Having spoken out on the issue prior to his election in May, Cllr Shambhu had raised the Bus Gate with the Council’s Conservative Administration who promised to review the matter within the year.

It has now been announced that £25,000 will be allocated by the Cabinet to accelerate the review, with an aim for it to be concluded by February/March next year.

Cllr Sanjay Shambhu said: “We are pleased that the Cabinet has agreed to progress the review of the Bus Gate and has put forward the funding do get it done.

“Charlton Boulevard is a well-used road within Charlton Hayes, giving much easier access to and from Hayes Way and the A38, and it would be frustrating for all residents if it were to be unusable by cars and only to be accessible by buses.”

Cllr Brian Hopkinson said: “Some residents might wonder why we need £25,000 to not do anything and it is confusing. The answer is that this plan is intertwined with the planning permission of Charlton Hayes and there are a number of legal actions the Council would need to take within this review to make the change we want to see.”

In recent weeks, many residents have been in touch with the local Councillors over concerns that work had already begun on constructing the Bus Gate, but following investigation, it was discovered that it was unrelated work to the road that has to take place before the roads are handed over to the Council.

The #keepCharltonBoulevardOpenCampaign petitions reaches the Parliament. Our local member of Parliament Jack Lopresti presenting the petitions in the House of Commons. #CharltonHayes #Patchway #houseofCommons #Parliament #FABS #SouthGloucestershire

Posted by Keep Charlton Boulevard Open Campaign on Friday, June 22, 2018
Local Member of Parliament Jack Lopresti MP presented a petition to House of Commons on behalf of Charlton Hayes residents.

Cllr Jo Buddharaju said: “We have been promised that the Council will formally review the need for a Bus Gate on Charlton Boulevard and will make sure that public will have a chance to be consulted so we can demonstrate how opposed we are to it. Until the review is over and a final decision is made, no work will go into constructing the Bus Gate.”