Bulletin #2 (23/04/2020)

This is a follow up on our last bulletin about Travellers settlement by Hayes Way near Lidl, Charlton Hayes, Patchway. We have escalated the issue with our local MP Jack Lopresti, who has kindly agreed to support us and write to relevant authorities. We have also discussed this issue with SGC officers who have made contact with travellers and initiated negotiation for amicable removal. Officers have apprised us that negotiation is progressing in the right direction.

Councillor Sanjay Shambhu said,

“Many local residents have contacted me about this issue. I am concerned that SGC has to deal with it at this difficult time. Considering that travellers are cooperating in the negotiation and grim Covid-19 situation, I am satisfied with the progress South Gloucestershire Council are making. I look forward to early and safe removal of travellers.”

Today, we have received more concerns from local residents about travellers settlement. Local South Gloucestershire Cllrs Buddharaju, Hopkinson and Shambhu are monitoring the situation with a view to early removal of travellers. 

Councillor Jo Buddharaju said, “I believe travellers understand the situation we are currently in, and I hope they continue to cooperate with SGC officers. I am confident that SGC is looking into it as a matter of urgency and would secure the premises at the earliest.”

Councillor Brian Hopkinson said, “It is a great shame that the Travellers are not obeying the Covid 19 rules and that we may have to apply for court action to expedite their removal. However they will then be back on the road. Hopefully somewhere safe and suitable will be found for them where they can themselves stay safe and not having to leave behind them the usual detritus which others have to clear up behind them.”

Our last bulletin:

UPDATE ON TRAVELLERS BY HAYES WAY – Bulletin #1 (22/04/2020

As many of you already know, last night around 11pm travellers in five caravans have moved nearby Hayes Way. Jo Buddharaju, Cllr Brian Hopkinson and I are working with SGC to ensure their removal as soon as possible. We have already escalated it to South Gloucestershire Council Legal Services. SGC officers are on this case.

The official process is to obtain a court order, if they don’t leave the place as directed by officers. We will release communication periodically when SGC makes more progress.