Charlton Hayes Parish Campaign


Calls for the Charlton Hayes community to set up its own Parish Council have been made by local Conservatives.

Having campaigned for the growing community to be allowed to form its own Parish Council prior to the Local Election in 2019, Cllrs Sanjay Shambhu, Jo Buddharaju and Brian Hopkinson have made the issue one of their top priorities, and at today’s Cabinet meeting called for South Gloucestershire Council to conduct a Community Governance Review, which would enable an investigation into changing the parish boundaries to take place.

Currently Charlton Hayes residents are charged twice for services, both to the developer in the form of a maintenance fee, and to Patchway Town Council in the form of a precept on council tax bills – the second highest in South Gloucestershire at £183 for a Band D property. The Town Council’s precept provides little to no services to residents due to streets and public spaces still being the responsibility of the developer’s management company.

The campaign to deliver a new Parish Council would seek to ensure Charlton Hayes residents pay a much lower precept and give them their freedom to make decisions for their own community. This has already been achieved for neighbouring Stoke Lodge and the Common who established themselves as a new parish following a campaign by Cllr Hopkinson and now pay around £100 less a year for their precept for a Band D property.

During today’s meeting of Cabinet, Cllr Sanjay Shambhu submitted the paper and digital petitions and called on the Council’s Conservative Administration to consider its commitment to not just deliver new housing but to fostering brand new communities and begin the review process which would aim to create the new parish in time for the 2023 Local Elections.

Cllr Sanjay Shambhu, said: “I am pleased to have raised our campaign to the Cabinet today and for the positive response it received. Charlton Hayes is continuing to grow and flourish, and is quickly discovering its own sense of identity. As such, it is important that we do what we can to support the development of our community and enable them to have a stronger voice in local matters. I want to thank everyone who has supported this campaign to date and to everyone who has signed our petition.”

Fellow Conservative Councillors for Charlton Hayes, Cllrs Brian Hopkinson and Jo Buddharaju said: “Not only would a new Parish give residents of Charlton Hayes more of a say in how they would govern themselves and result in a sizeable council tax cut, it would free them from Patchway Town Council, whose poor track record under past Labour leadership of financial mismanagement has done very little to benefit residents in this new community.”