Charlton Hayes Parish Campaign


Calls for the Charlton Hayes community to set up its own Parish Council have been made by local Conservatives.

Having campaigned for the growing community to be allowed to form its own Parish Council prior to the Local Election in 2019, Cllrs Sanjay Shambhu, Jo Buddharaju and Brian Hopkinson have made the issue one of their top priorities, and at today’s Cabinet meeting called for South Gloucestershire Council to conduct a Community Governance Review, which would enable an investigation into changing the parish boundaries to take place.

Currently Charlton Hayes residents are charged twice for services, both to the developer in the form of a maintenance fee, and to Patchway Town Council in the form of a precept on council tax bills – the second highest in South Gloucestershire at £183 for a Band D property. The Town Council’s precept provides little to no services to residents due to streets and public spaces still being the responsibility of the developer’s management company.

The campaign to deliver a new Parish Council would seek to ensure Charlton Hayes residents pay a much lower precept and give them their freedom to make decisions for their own community. This has already been achieved for neighbouring Stoke Lodge and the Common who established themselves as a new parish following a campaign by Cllr Hopkinson and now pay around £100 less a year for their precept for a Band D property.

During today’s meeting of Cabinet, Cllr Sanjay Shambhu submitted the paper and digital petitions and called on the Council’s Conservative Administration to consider its commitment to not just deliver new housing but to fostering brand new communities and begin the review process which would aim to create the new parish in time for the 2023 Local Elections.

Cllr Sanjay Shambhu, said: “I am pleased to have raised our campaign to the Cabinet today and for the positive response it received. Charlton Hayes is continuing to grow and flourish, and is quickly discovering its own sense of identity. As such, it is important that we do what we can to support the development of our community and enable them to have a stronger voice in local matters. I want to thank everyone who has supported this campaign to date and to everyone who has signed our petition.”

Fellow Conservative Councillors for Charlton Hayes, Cllrs Brian Hopkinson and Jo Buddharaju said: “Not only would a new Parish give residents of Charlton Hayes more of a say in how they would govern themselves and result in a sizeable council tax cut, it would free them from Patchway Town Council, whose poor track record under past Labour leadership of financial mismanagement has done very little to benefit residents in this new community.”



Conservative-led plans to deliver brand new secondary schools in Patchway and Filton are set to take a big step forward.

In proposals, unveiled today, South Gloucestershire Council’s Conservative Administration outlined its intention to build brand new schools, both as part of the new development on Filton Airfield and on the existing Patchway Community School site.

Improving school standards is the number one priority of the Administration, having made a record £78million capital investment last year to build new and upgrade existing school buildings across the district, with these proposals reflecting the increasing need for greater school provision to support new development planned for the area over the coming years, including new communities on Filton Airfield and East of Harry Stoke, as well as the continuing development of Charlton Hayes.

Delivery of the school would be in partnership with developers YTL and the Olympus Academy Trust who run the existing school, with proposed next steps for the project to include progressing designs and strategies and, most importantly, engagement with local partners and parents and carers to develop the overall vision for the scheme.

Cllr Erica Williams, Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Employment, said: “The Council’s number one priority is to improve school standards, and that starts with providing young people with better learning environments. By delivering new secondary schools in both Patchway and on the Filton Airfield, we will give local children a great foundation for a positive educational experience.

“Patchway Community School has long been a cornerstone of the wider community and it is fantastic to be able to work with the Olympus Academy Trust, YTL and local parents and carers on developing proposals that will not only keep its legacy alive, but will help to build on that very legacy for the future, to benefit the many generations to come.”

Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson, and Sanjay Shambhu, who represent the Charlton and Cribbs ward, including part of Patchway, said: “With more homes being built and our local communities continuing to flourish, it is important that we are in a place to deliver vital infrastructure to support that growth and we are very supportive of these proposals for education provision in our area, both for a brand new school on the airfield and a new school on the existing Patchway Community School site.

“We want to thank the Cabinet for progressing this vision and will continue to work alongside them to ensure these emerging plans deliver the best possible learning environments for local children.”

Please note this picture of Cllrs Hopkinson and Shambhu with South Glos Council Leader Cllr Toby Savage and Education Minister Nick Gibb MP was taken prior to the Covid outbreak


New Conservative-led proposals, made public for the first time, are set to improve services and expand opening hours at Patchway Library.

Under the plans from South Gloucestershire Council, the installation of a new external door would allow for public access direct to the library outside of staffed hours at Patchway Hub where it is based, meaning substantially improved hours through the Open Access system.

Unlike other libraries in South Gloucestershire, which fully utilise Open Access technology to allow public access outside staffed hours, Patchway Library – which has the Open Access system installed – is presently subject to the Hub’s opening hours, with availability of services subsequently limited.

The scheme, which would be financed entirely through developer contribution funding, would not only bring operating hours at Patchway Library into line with the others across South Gloucestershire, but would also save taxpayers’ money. Presently Patchway Town Council contribute £18,000 a year towards staffing costs in the library but, with Open Access in full swing, this funding would no longer be required.

Since the introduction of Open Access by South Gloucestershire Council’s Conservative Administration, opening hours at libraries across the district have seen a massive expansion, with services now available to the public for an extra 593 hours a week.

Having proposed the concept and led progression of the plans with Council officers, local Conservatives Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson and Sanjay Shambhu, who sit on both on Patchway Town Council and at South Gloucestershire Council, welcomed the plans during a public presentation at the meeting of Patchway Town Council on Tuesday, September 15.

Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson and Sanjay Shambhu, who represent the Charlton and Cribbs ward, including Charlton Hayes and parts of Patchway, said: “The introduction of Open Access technology has had a tremendous impact on giving the public more opportunities to make use of the important services that our libraries offer, and by installing a new external door, not only would we be able to fully make use of that system, but would save taxpayers’ money.

“We are pleased to have progressed these plans and will continue to work with the Council to ensure residents in Patchway can reap the same benefits as other areas in South Gloucestershire.”

Travellers Leave Hayes Way

Final update about travellers by Hayes Way (Bulletin 3 of 3).

We are pleased to confirm that all five Travellers have now left the place they occupied opposite Lidl, Charlton Hayes, Patchway. South Gloucestershire officers along with Avon & Somerset Constabulary have done outstanding work in resolving the situation amicably. Officers had already provided black bags to the travellers and visited them periodically. 

“I am proud of our officers who dealt with this situation professionally and brought it to amicable conclusion in this challenging time.”

Jo Buddharaju, Councillor – Charlton & Cribbs
AFTER: Opposite Lidl by Hayes Way after Travellers vacated the place.

“It is good news for Charlton Hayes and Patchway that the issue didn’t drag long. I commend SGC and Avon & Somerset Constabulary officers for taking swift actions. I would also like to thank our local member of parliament Jack Lopresti, MP for taking up this case.”

Sanjay Shambhu, Councillor – Charlton & Cribbs
BEFORE: Travellers opposite Lidl by Hayes Way, Charlton Hayes, Patchway

“I am pleased to welcome this development, and I thank all officers who had to get involved in this situation. As I said previously, travellers shouldn’t have put themselves in this situation and should have followed government guidelines.”

Brian Hopkinson, Councillor – Charlton & Cribbs.

Previous bulletins on this issue are available here.


Bulletin #2 (23/04/2020)

This is a follow up on our last bulletin about Travellers settlement by Hayes Way near Lidl, Charlton Hayes, Patchway. We have escalated the issue with our local MP Jack Lopresti, who has kindly agreed to support us and write to relevant authorities. We have also discussed this issue with SGC officers who have made contact with travellers and initiated negotiation for amicable removal. Officers have apprised us that negotiation is progressing in the right direction.

Councillor Sanjay Shambhu said,

“Many local residents have contacted me about this issue. I am concerned that SGC has to deal with it at this difficult time. Considering that travellers are cooperating in the negotiation and grim Covid-19 situation, I am satisfied with the progress South Gloucestershire Council are making. I look forward to early and safe removal of travellers.”

Today, we have received more concerns from local residents about travellers settlement. Local South Gloucestershire Cllrs Buddharaju, Hopkinson and Shambhu are monitoring the situation with a view to early removal of travellers. 

Councillor Jo Buddharaju said, “I believe travellers understand the situation we are currently in, and I hope they continue to cooperate with SGC officers. I am confident that SGC is looking into it as a matter of urgency and would secure the premises at the earliest.”

Councillor Brian Hopkinson said, “It is a great shame that the Travellers are not obeying the Covid 19 rules and that we may have to apply for court action to expedite their removal. However they will then be back on the road. Hopefully somewhere safe and suitable will be found for them where they can themselves stay safe and not having to leave behind them the usual detritus which others have to clear up behind them.”

Our last bulletin:

UPDATE ON TRAVELLERS BY HAYES WAY – Bulletin #1 (22/04/2020

As many of you already know, last night around 11pm travellers in five caravans have moved nearby Hayes Way. Jo Buddharaju, Cllr Brian Hopkinson and I are working with SGC to ensure their removal as soon as possible. We have already escalated it to South Gloucestershire Council Legal Services. SGC officers are on this case.

The official process is to obtain a court order, if they don’t leave the place as directed by officers. We will release communication periodically when SGC makes more progress.

‘Keep Charlton Boulevard Open’ campaign wins funding boost


Local Conservatives in Charlton Hayes are welcoming funding to accelerate a review of unwanted plans for a ‘Bus Gate’ in the new community.

Charlton and Cribbs Councillors Brian Hopkinson, Jo Buddharaju and Sanjay Shambhu with Leader of South Gloucestershire Council Cllr Toby Savage

This is the latest success in the campaign led by Cllrs Sanjay Shambhu, Jo Buddharaju and Brian Hopkinson to change existing plans which would close off Charlton Boulevard to cars, part of the planning permission for the development. 
Having spoken out on the issue prior to his election in May, Cllr Shambhu had raised the Bus Gate with the Council’s Conservative Administration who promised to review the matter within the year.

It has now been announced that £25,000 will be allocated by the Cabinet to accelerate the review, with an aim for it to be concluded by February/March next year.

Cllr Sanjay Shambhu said: “We are pleased that the Cabinet has agreed to progress the review of the Bus Gate and has put forward the funding do get it done.

“Charlton Boulevard is a well-used road within Charlton Hayes, giving much easier access to and from Hayes Way and the A38, and it would be frustrating for all residents if it were to be unusable by cars and only to be accessible by buses.”

Cllr Brian Hopkinson said: “Some residents might wonder why we need £25,000 to not do anything and it is confusing. The answer is that this plan is intertwined with the planning permission of Charlton Hayes and there are a number of legal actions the Council would need to take within this review to make the change we want to see.”

In recent weeks, many residents have been in touch with the local Councillors over concerns that work had already begun on constructing the Bus Gate, but following investigation, it was discovered that it was unrelated work to the road that has to take place before the roads are handed over to the Council.

The #keepCharltonBoulevardOpenCampaign petitions reaches the Parliament. Our local member of Parliament Jack Lopresti presenting the petitions in the House of Commons. #CharltonHayes #Patchway #houseofCommons #Parliament #FABS #SouthGloucestershire

Posted by Keep Charlton Boulevard Open Campaign on Friday, June 22, 2018
Local Member of Parliament Jack Lopresti MP presented a petition to House of Commons on behalf of Charlton Hayes residents.

Cllr Jo Buddharaju said: “We have been promised that the Council will formally review the need for a Bus Gate on Charlton Boulevard and will make sure that public will have a chance to be consulted so we can demonstrate how opposed we are to it. Until the review is over and a final decision is made, no work will go into constructing the Bus Gate.”

Local residents select Rose Messenger to fight Coniston By-Election

Rose Messenger has lived in Patchway for last 40 years. She has been a PCSO for 10 years in South Gloucestershire, and won an award for her outstanding service to community as a PCSO. Rose is truly a ‘Patchway Girl’, who is passionate about our local community.

Rose Messenger, Conservative candidate for Patchway Coniston by-election

Rose said, “Having lived in Patchway for the last 40 years and having served as a PCSO for 10 years. I have developed a real passion for our community, so I decided to put my name forward. If elected on September 5th 2019, I will campaign to resolve Coniston parking issues, make sure community centre is delivered, fight for lower council tax, and tackle anti-social behaviour.”

Please vote for me as your local councillor so that we can deliver my positive plan for Patchway. You can download a copy of my plan here.

To join my campaign team or raise your concerns please visit the survey form:

Conservatives Team Call for Positive Change in Patchway & Charlton Hayes


Patchway & Charlton Hayes Labour are incompetent and deemed susceptible to corruption:

April 30, 2019, Bristol Post reported that Labour run Patchway Town Council is under investigation for financial discrepancies and accusations that grounds staff did private gardening while on Council time. The Bristol Post article can be accessed at:

At the time of internal audit review, allegations were made to South Gloucestershire Council Internal Audit Services by Members of the Town Council that the Town Council’s Grounds Staff were undertaking work for other organisations (including some current Labour Cllrs and retired ones) plus other private gardening while on Town Council time.  Source:

The Patchway Town Council Audit report for 2017/2018 provides further evidence that Labour led Patchway Town Council is incompetent to manage even basic finances. For example, the Council didn’t claim VAT amounting to £32,726.69 (source: page 16 section 1.9 of the audit report, URL:

Labour chair of the Patchway Council resigned amid claims of irregularities:We were informed that the accounts had been signed off by the Chair of the Labour Run Council while still incorrect and initially published on the Town Council’s website. The version signed by the Chair was removed from the website prior to this audit; (Cllr Eve Orpen subsequently resigned her position as Chair of Patchway Town Council and from her role as one of the District Cllrs for Patchway. However, mainly the same team is again standing for the Patchway Town Council as well as for District Council. This is a wake call for all residents that Labour team has no respect for clean and corruption free governance in Patchway. 

Your Conservatives Councillors John Butler, Patsy Coleman, Ken Dando, Roger Loveridge and Ros Messenger’s persistence have made certain that this full audit was undertaken. The money your Council collects needs to be fair and well spent delivering value for money. The only way this will be done by voting a Conservative team with a positive plan for Patchway.  Your precept is sky high £169.40 for a D rated home overall collecting from you £ £624,170. Nearby Conservative Controlled Stoke Gifford only charges £73.25 per D rated home and offer better services.) 

Charlton Hayes and Patchway Conservatives team are ready to bring positive changes to local town council.

The Patchway & Charlton Hayes Conservatives team (Jon Butler, Patsy Coleman, Ken Dando, Roger Loveridge, Sanjay Shambhu, Ros Messenger, Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson, Prasana Ramarathnam, Siva Bandlamudi, Ramana Varangi, Eliana Barbosa, Anil Mishra, Ed Rose and Tom Aditya) is committed to make our area a better place to live and ensure good governance in Patchway Town Council. Please VOTE for your CONSERVTAIVE team on May 2nd, 2019 Local Election.

Our positive plan for Charlton Hayes, Patchway & Cribbs Causeway

Today the Charlton and Cribbs Conservatives team announced their positive plan for Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs Causeway.

Click here to read our positive plan.

Some of the main pledges for Patchway area:

  1. A Review of the Highwood Road closure
  2. Corruption free Patchway Town Council
  3. A solution to parking issues in Patchway
  4. Delivery of a new Community Centre in Patchway
  5. Delivery of new sports facilities in Scotts Park 

Key pledges for Charlton Hayes:

  1. Keep Charlton Boulevard open 
  2. Provide a GP surgery for Charlton Hayes, to ensure health services keep pace with the new housing
  3. Extend Patchway Town Council Litter Picker service to Charlton Hayes
  4. Bring forward early adoption of roads and street lights by South Gloucestershire Council.

Excerpts from Cribbs Causeway pledges:

  1. Prevent rat-running on Passage Road
  2. Road resurfacing across Cribbs Causeway
  3. Pelican crossing on A4018 for bus users in Cribbs Causeway
  4. Signal review on Lysander Road
  5. Improved Street Care services and timely bin collection.

Passage Road Residents Win Rat Running Petition

South Gloucestershire Council have positively responded to the petition raised by local Conservatives candidate Sanjay Shambhu to prevent rat-running of Passage Road in Cribbs Causeway. Investigation on access/egress options due to rat running is now part of the official LOCAL TRANSPORT PRIORITY LIST ‐ INVESTIGATION SCHEMES FOR 2019/2020 of South Gloucestershire Council.

Sanjay Shambhu, lead petitioner and local Conservatives candidate

Sanjay said, ” I am delighted with the announcement that South Gloucestershire Council, under Conservatives leadership, have heard our concerns and included it on their priority list. On behalf of all concerned, including the 42 residents who signed the petition, I am pleased to welcome the news. We are on the right path to achieve this for residents in Passage Road, Hazel Brook Gardens and The Close.”

The petition, which is signed by over three dozen residents, can be viewed on the South Gloucestershire website:

Brian Hopkinson, co-petitioner and local Conservatives candidate

Brian Hopkinson, co-petitioner and local Conservatives candidate added:

“Its a pleasure to work with a Council that listens to residents’ concerns. I am equally delighted to welcome the news.”